How to Cancel Apple TV+ Subscription?

Don’t want to subscribe to Apple TV+ anymore? Find out how to cancel Apple TV+ subscription from, Apple TV, iPhone or iPad, Mac and Windows PC.

Cancel Apple TV+ subscription

How to cancel Apple TV+

  1. Open a browser and type in the address bar.
  2. Sign In using your Email or Apple ID.
  3. Choose the Account icon and select Settings.
  4. Scroll to Subscriptions and under Apple TV+ select Manage.
  5. An Edit Your Subscription pops up, select Cancel Subscription. Or if you are using a free trial, select Cancel Free Trial.
  6. On Confirm Cancellation, select Confirm.

Cancel on Apple TV

  1. Select Settings > Users and Accounts.
  2. Select the Apple ID used to subscribe to Apple TV+ and Sign In if required.
  3. Select Subscriptions > Apple TV+.
  4. Select Cancel Subscription and Confirm Cancellation.

Cancel Apple TV+ on iPhone or iPad

  1. Go to Settings > Apple ID (Your Name) > Subscriptions.
  2. Select Apple TV+.
  3. Tap on Cancel Subscription and Confirm.

Cancel Apple TV+ on your Mac

  1. Open Apple TV app.
  2. From the top menu bar, select Account > View My Account.
  3. Sign-in using your Apple ID and Password.
  4. Scroll to Settings > Subscriptions > Manage.
  5. Click Edit next to Apple TV+.
  6. Select Cancel Subscription and select Confirm.

Cancel Apple TV+ on your Windows PC

  1. On your PC, open iTunes.
  2. From the menu bar, choose Account and select View My Account.
  3. Scroll to Settings. Next to Subscriptions, select Manage.
  4. Next to Apple TV+ subscription, select Edit.
  5. Select Cancel Subscription.

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